Social distancing can be stressful. Jump on this opportunity to learn a new skill, virtually, that will benefit you AND your dog now, and long after COVID-19 is gone.


Canine massage has been proven to lower the blood pressure & respiration of the human giving the massage, as well as the dog recieving it. This hour-long, private seminar (via Zoom) will show you how to give your dog a beneficial massage developed specifically for his or her individual needs.


This seminar includes training on the canine anatomy as it relates to massage, simple but effective massage techniques, and canine acupressure points that can be applied (similiar to accupunctire, but done withyour fingers tips instead of needles).


Each seminar will be customized to your dogs individual needs, whether it be massage to help with discomfort from osteoarthritis, hip dysplasia, muscle injury, aging, obesity, anxiety, or just an overall wellness massage.


Your pup can absolutely be with you during this virtual hour-long seminar!


Please note: Canine massage is not a replacement for veterinary care. MDM is happy to be a part of your dogs wellness team but does not diagnose illness, nor do we provide prognosis. Please consult with your veterinarian regarding any health concerns you may have about your dog.

Learn Basic Canine Massage & Acupressure Virtually, with Modern Dog Massage!