ON SALE NOW the Bow-Wow Bucket List, the perfect holiday gift for any dog! Definition of Bucket List: A number of experiences that a dog hopes to have during its lifetime.

What a Dog Wants: "To have fun with my human". What's included in the Bucket? Private, indoor play with unlimited toys, including a tennis-ball launcher and tons of enrichment at The Canine Country Club!


What a Dog Wants: "To catch that damn SQUIRREL!" What's included in the Bucket? The chance to finally catch that damn thing (or at least the toy version!).


What a Dog wants: "To enjoy drinks with my human": What's included in the Bucket? A bottle of non-alcoholic dog beer & dog wine.


What a Dog wants: "To get a doggy massage": What's included in the Bucket? A

half-hour at Modern Dog Massage with a board certified canine massotherapist to sooth the body, from head to tail.


What a Dog wants: "To EAT! What's included in the Bucket? Yumminess from Three Dog Bakery.What a Dog wants: "To Help Other Dogs"

What's included in the Bucket?

With each Bow-Wow Bucket sold A RESCUE DOG, from your choice of the organizations below, WILL ALSO RECIEVE A BUCKET, including treats, play & canine massage at The Canine Coiuntry Club!

Cleveland APL

Second Hand Mutts

City Dogs

Senior Dog Sanctuary

Muttley Crue



Cost of each bucket: $60. includes a re-usable, decorative bucket.


Bow-Wow Bucket List

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