My Studio in Medina 

5611 Hartneck, Valley City OH 44280

While slightly ironic, Modern Dog Massage has a studio in a gorgeous 100 yr. old barn. It's been lovingly restored and decorated to be warm & whimsical, and all together inviting.

Grab the latest CLE Dog Magazine and a glass of wine, or cup of herbal tea (with fresh honey from our bees) while your dog is being massaged.  Feel free to stroll around our farm and visit Henry & Maxwell (pictured below), or the chicken's house to collect a few free-range brown eggs to take home.


My goal is to create a relaxing experience for your dog, AND you!

The massage area.
Modern Dog Massage believes, and is certified in, low-stress handling.
Massage is done where dogs are most comfortable, on the floor. They're free to get up and walk around the studio at any point during their session.
(they always come back to me!)
Sit nearby and enjoy a glass of wine during your dog's massage.
Hey...we don't judge, we just want to help both of you relax!
Maxwell, Sophia and Izobel, our Scottish Highland cows, will greet you as you pull up the drive.
No better way to heat up this century barn on cold days
then with an antique wood's so cozy!
My desk is made of reclaimed barn wood, and old whiskey barrels.
It has incredibly great energy!
Hanging from a huge beam in the barn, this greyhound bus sign is a constant reminder of a dog that I was lucky to have loved for 10 years.
I'm always on the look out for antique dog decor to put in the studio.
This is Henry, one of our many adorable free-range chickens.
Need a dozen brown eggs?
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My Studio in N.Olmsted

29929 Lorain Rd., N. Olmsted

Located inside the gorgeous new

Canine County Club, this location offers Aquatic Massage & Conditioning in a heated, indoor pool, as well as dry massage in a 

beautiful, modern studio.

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