A few of the dogs I've been lucky enough to work with...

With a "larger than life" personality, and heart to match, this gorgeous shelter dog receives massage to help cope with the loss of his front leg.

UPDATE: Emmitt has been adopted!

Click below to read about Buckeye's Mission & Sanctuary, where Emmitt currently lives, and all the wonderful work they do.
Axel was brought to Modern Dog Massage by his Mom to help him deal with the nausea and discomfort that can come with having cancer. The love between the two of them fills the room.

Click the link below for a fantastic article on the benefits of massage for dogs with cancer.
One of the very first senior dogs I was lucky enough to work with, Prada's off-the-charts sweetness convinced me to specialize in massage for older dogs.

Read more about the senior dog sanctuary where Prada lives by clicking the link below.
Hunter's Mom writes the blog "Dogs in the CLE". Read all about their first experience with canine massage at the link below!
Ivy's a typical bouncy golden retriever pup that happens to be in training as a service dog. Her Mom said she was WAY to hyper to remain still for a massage, especially during a public event with lots of music, people and dogs.

Ivy was softly snoring 10 minutes into her massage!

Learn more about Canine Companions for Independence, where Ivy is in training, at the link below.
Ohio Geese Control
Sports massage for border collies at Ohio Geese Control.
Following directions from their handlers, these no-nonsesne dogs humanely "persuade" Canada geese to leave golf courses, parks and other public areas.

Click the link below to learn more about Ohio Geese Control.
Herbie has no idea he's a 5 lb. senior dog. He has the heart of a young pup, and a "big dog" personality!
Underneath Braxton's impressive, muscular build is a SUPER sweet and gentle dog. He was a bit nervous at our first meeting so his Mom sat right down on the floor next to us, to softly reassure him.

I'm moved on a daily basis by the love I witness between dogs and their humans.
Possibly one of the most soulful dogs I've ever met. An absolute beauty, who through no fault of her own, is overwhelmed by life. With canine massage and endless love and patience from her Mom, Ella is gaining confidence, and occasionally allowing herself to be silly & carefree.
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