Have a dogcentric business?

We have the know-how your staff & clients need.

We offer seminars in...

Senior Dog Care

Discusses the unique needs of this often misunderstood & overlooked population.

Includes instruction on canine massage specifically for the senior dog.

Massage Training for Shelter Staff

Learn how to reduce the physical 

& emotional stress of the dogs in your care through simple canine

massage techniques.

Understanding Canine Body Language

For the safety & happiness of

dogs, staff and clients, this

seminar is a MUST.

Dog Bite Prevention

Geared towards children, this interactive seminar uses games and photos to help eliminate negative interactions between kids and dogs.

Canine CPR & First-Aid

Does your staff know what to do

when seconds count?

Confidently handling common medical emergencies with dogs such as choking, shock, poisoning, burns, and performing

canine CPR, are taught.

Starting an Enrichment Plan at Your Shelter

This seminar explains what

an enrichment plan is (hint: it's MUCH different than just offering enrichment) , why its important for your shelter to have one, and how to inexpensively get one started.