Healthy & Happy Pup Seminar

Sunday, August 9, 2020 

9 am to Noon (with two breaks)

Canine Country Club,

29929 Lorain Rd. N. Olmsted

$40. per dog (with 1 or 2 humans)

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This seminar is specific to the unique needs of dogs 12 months and younger.

With your wiggle puppy near by this seminar will teach you what to do if your puppy is choking, has eaten something toxic, is overheated, in shock, or needs CPR.

Additionally you'll learn how to offer puppy massage and acupressure to relieve growing pains (yes, this is a real thing!), calm your puppy, condition him to touch, detect injury, and most important, deepen the bond between the two of you.


Learning canine massage is specially important for large breed puppies, and those breeds prone to hip, knee or CCL problems as they age.


This 2 hour class offers allows time for two potty breaks and puppy play times!

Please bring a comfortable items for your puppy to lay on, their favorite treat,

and a pillow for you to sit on (we'll be working on the floor where dogs are most comfortable).

Please note: This class will be limited to 10 participants. Human/pup teams will be distanced 10 feet from each other. Masks are encouraged. Hand sanitizing stations are available.

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