Modern Dog Massage

a dog-obsessed small business

When I adopted Rosalita, the sweetest pitbull in the world,

she had hip problems. X-rays offered no clues.

I knew I needed to do something to ease her anxiety and discomfort.

What I DIDN'T know was that vowing to help her would lead to an

amazing career that allowed me to benefit her, and hundreds of other dogs.

I'm Diane Pekarek, a Nationally Board Certified Canine Massage Therapist,

and owner of Modern Dog Massage (MDM).  

I studied canine massage at Canis Bodyworks in Chicago and D.C.

 am certified in Animal Hospice & Palliative Care with

the American Animal Hospital Association,  

and also in Low-Stress Handling from Fear Free Pets.

I offer canine massage & acupressure out of two studios, one in Medina

and another in N. Olmsted (inside the incredible facility Canine Country Club).

I work with dogs of all breeds and ages, and specialize in massage for Senior Dogs.

For this special population I also offer in-home canine massage.

My obsession with dogs doesn't stop with massage though...

I proudly run the Animal-Assisted Therapy Program for University Hospitals,

including Rainbow Babies & Children's Hospital, Seidman Cancer Center and 

MacDonald Women's Hospital.

The program has 150 dogs, a cat and a horse!

Additionally, I'm a Senior Canine CPR & First Aid, and Canine Wilderness First-Aid Instructor

with Pet Emergency Education, LLC

So that's who I am...a women that whole-heartedly loves and respects the hell out of dogs,

and will do whatever I'm capable of, and trained in, to help yours.

Here's what I am NOT:

I'm NOT a Veterinarian, so I will never prescribe, diagnose, or promise a cure.

I work with many veterinarians, and am happy to be part of your dog's wellness team.

I'm NOT a good salesperson, in fact I suck at sales.

Massage is not a "one-and-done" and may take several sessions, or even need to be 

done routinely for the rest of your dogs life (as is the case with my Rosalita).

When you come to MDM though you will not be pressured or guilted into 

committing to multiple massage sessions for your dog.

If your dog would benefit from weekly massage but, for whatever reason,

you're unable to make that happen,

I'll teach YOU a few simple but effective canine massage basics

that you can use to help your dog, on your time. We can then meet every couple

of months to check in on your progress.

I'm fortunate enough to share life with my amazing husband, and our dogs,

Scottish Highland cows, chickens and honey bees on a beautiful farm south of Cleveland.

- Diane Pekarek

National Board Certification, Canine Massage,

Animal Hospice & Palliative Care with the American Animal Hospital Association,

    Low-Stress Handling from Fear Free Pets

Level 1 Canine Arthritis Management, CAM

Senior Canine CPR & First-Aid Instructor, Pet Emergency Education LLC

Canine Wilderness First-Aid Instructor, Pet Emergency Education, LLC




Izobel, Sophia & Maxwell


Too many to name!

Me with my "Who Rescued Who?" dogs, Rosalita & Zozo